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Introduction to Quantum Programming


           Quantum computers exist! And so does quantum programming! In this article, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get started with quantum programming. I’ll start off with some context about how quantum computers differ from computers like your laptop, then explain the fundamentals of quantum programming, and finish with how you can run programs on a real quantum computer for free today.

           Before we begin, please note that this article is intended for people who want to learn the full technical details of quantum programming. This article builds up from the mathematical foundation of qubits, quantum gates, and quantum circuit diagrams. This article will not explain quantum algorithms or their advantages, as those topics deserve their own articles.

          Since we will be walking through the underlying math of quantum programming, readers will need to know what a vector, matrix, linear combination, and complex number is. I recommend 3Blue1Brown for learning linear algebra, and BetterExplained for learning what a complex number is.

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