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Applications using Twisted


  • The BuildBot continuous-integration system relies on Twisted for client/server communication.
  • ITA Software has developed an airline-reservation system for Air Canada that uses Twisted extensively.
  • SageMath, an open-source alternative to Mathematica, Maple, Magma, MATLAB, has a web-based interface, SageMath notebook,that runs on a Twisted server.
  • Twisted was used in the Omegle one-on-one chat service until it was replaced with gevent for performance reasons.
  • The Apple Calendar Server uses Twisted,as do some internal projects of NASA.
  • Conch, an implementation of the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol
  • The original version of social networking and microblogging site Jaiku used Twisted.[citation needed]
  • Fluidinfo, an online cloud data-store, uses Twisted extensively for internal RPC (partly in combination with Thrift and AMQP), for its internal services, and for external APIs.
  • The file-hosting service Ubuntu One used Twisted.
  • Tor2web, an HTTP proxy for Tor Hidden Services (HS) uses Twisted.
  • GlobaLeaks, an open-source whistleblowing framework uses Twisted.
  • Cloudkick, a cloud-server management web-application, used Twisted. It now has been rewritten using Node.js.
  • Twilio, a cloud telephony provider uses Twisted.
  • Twitch, a video game broadcasting and chat community, uses Twisted.
  • Velocity Weather, a meteorological data processing and integration API is built on Twisted.
  • qwebirc, a web-based IRC client uses Twisted.
  • Zenoss Core, a network management platform, uses Twisted for many internal and collection daemons.
  • Scrapy, a web crawler based on Twisted.
  • Listen to Wikipedia, a Wikipedia audio-visualizer uses Twisted to broadcast real-time edit events to browsers.
  • Tahoe-LAFS, a distributed data store and distributed file system.
  • Deluge, a highly modular BitTorrent client uses Twisted.
  • Magic Wormhole, a secure file transfer tool using PAKE.

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