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GRE Verbal Practice Test question paper with answer Set 8


GRE Verbal Practice Test question paper with answer Set 8

Answer given in a block letters:

Questions 55-57 allude to the accompanying section. Subsequent to perusing the entry, read and answer each question choosing the most fitting response decision for every one.

A humanist is many times depicted as an individual with an unmistakable capacity to direct their own way of behaving. The objective of humanists is to treasure life as they look for their singular spot and goal, then to embrace that reason. Humanists direct their own lives, and utilize free decision in their viewpoints, activities, and connections with others.

They will more often than not really accept that that an individual's fundamental desire ought to be to value and look for reason throughout everyday life. Humanists accept others ought to pursue their own choices and trust themselves to set their own heading. Most humanists accept that this kind of free-thinking approach finishes in evident self-improvement since every individual will move at a speed generally sensitive to individual solace levels.

Humanists are probably going to have a positive perspective on themselves and genuine trust in their capacities. They base their important choices on what they might have proactively experienced, what they are aware of history, and how they apply reason.

They are persuaded that they are continuously moving in a positive bearing and, consequently, they by and large don't fear passing. Despite the fact that they don't put stock in an eternity, that's what they know whether they follow their convictions, toward the finish of their life they will have had a total excursion.

55-As per the section, which is a genuine assertion about humanists?

  1. Humanists are by and large stale in development.
  2. Humanists rely upon others to assist them with using wise judgment.
  3. Humanists make progress toward satisfying their seity.
  1. I as it were
  2. II as it were
  3. III as it were
  4. I and II as it were
  5. II and III as it were

56-Which of the accompanying best depicts the sort of character trademark an individual portrayed as a humanist could undoubtedly have?

  1. introversive
  2. troubled
  3. overwhelmed
  4. hopeful
  5. haughty

57-The section recommends that a humanist accepts that after his life is finished:

  1. he will be compensated in the great beyond.
  2. he will presently not be important.
  3. he will have finished his excursion.
  4. his thoughts will mean a lot to other people.
  5. his process has quite recently initiated

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