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GRE Verbal Practice Test question paper with answer Set 6


GRE Verbal Practice Test question paper with answer Set 6

Answer given in a block letters:

Questions 39-45: Each of the questions below contains a sentence that has one or two blanks. The blanks stand for a part of the sentence that has not been included. Following  each sentence are five answer choices. Choose the answer choice that best completes the sentence.

39-After an interview with the suspect, most of the detectives agreed that her explanation for possessing the contraband was .

  1. supercilious
  2. appropriated
  3. arresting
  4. insipid
  5. fabricated

40-The insurance adjuster asked us to the value of our damaged equipment.

  1. exrapolate
  2. embroider
  3. equivocate
  4. acerbate
  5. hyperbolize

41-The producer thought the young, frail girl would be and unfit for the lead role, but she turned out to be a performer.

  1. reticent…gregarious
  2. demonstrative…candid
  3. aloof…restrained
  4. frank…detached
  5. unconstrained…taciturn

42-The family didn’t realize that the abused dog they adopted would be so . They had to give him up.

  1. jocund
  2. truculent
  3. blithe
  4. convivial
  5. pretentious

43-Because he was ________________ Jay sat in the back of the lecture hall and kept his eyes trained on his notebook as the professor asked for volunteers.

  1. sanguine
  2. impudent
  3. brazen
  4. diffident
  5. presumptuous

44-It is very difficult to ________________ all of the facts without first figuring out some kind of________________ system to remember them.

  1. surmise…arduous
  2. evade…rudimentary
  3. imbibe…mnemonic
  4. conjecture…facile
  5. challenge…abstruse

45-It was looking increasingly likely that one person was responsible for spreading the ________________ strain of the flu that overtook the university campus.

  1. tedious
  2. benign
  3. clement
  4. virulent
  5. repugnant

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