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The Calvine Photo A myth or world's clearest UFO photo that it released after 30 years

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'The Calvine Photo': A myth or 'world's clearest' UFO photo thatit released after 30 years?

'The CalvinePhoto' which is said to be the world's clearest UFO has been finally released30 years after it was taken by two hikers in the Scottish Highlands.

Theimage claimed to be of an Unidentified flying object (UFO), was snapped onAugust 4, 1990, and was handed over to Scotland's Daily Record newspaper.Eventually, it was given to the Ministry of Defence (MoD)) of the country.

In the blackand white image, a giant diamond-shaped object can be seen in the sky, which issaid to be a UFO. Some described it as the "world's best"UFO image.

Reports havementioned that it was found after years of research by academic and journalistDr David Clarke. There's no information that why the image was never madepublic.

People onEarth are intrigued by the possibilities of extraterrestrial (alien) life inthe solar system. Experts and astronomers are trying to gather evidence tounderstand whether or not life may occur outside Earth and which did notoriginate on Earth.

Therehave been myths, several claims and counterclaims over the existence andsightings of UFOs and aliens. But so far, there's no concrete evidence.

Recently,NASA officially joined the hunt for UFOs. The space agency in June announced anew study that will recruit leading scientists to examine unidentified aerialphenomena.

NASA saidthat the project will begin early this fall and last around nine months,focusing on identifying available data, how to gather more data in future, andhow they can analyze the findings to try to move the needle on scientificunderstanding.

During thetime of the announcement, Daniel Evans, the NASA scientist responsible forcoordinating the study, told reporters on a call: "Over the decades,NASA has answered the call to tackle some of the most perplexing mysteries weknow of, and this is no different."

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